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Chantal Tardiff was born and raised in Cornwall, Ontario.  After living on the east coast for 11 years, she now resides in Montreal. Chantal received a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University in 2008.  Building on her love of making objects, she has followed up her degree with a diploma in Industrial Design in 2016. 

She delights in creating things in unconventional sizes. She is a musician and an interdisciplinary artist whose work revolves around public intervention, installation, sculpture, performance and drawing.


My art is a collection of colourful, cartoon-like shapes, curious machines, familiar forms hidden in the contours of buildings, and makeshift parks built in unexpected locations. Through my public, interactive pieces I attempt to draw attention to things that are overlooked in our environment, reinterpreting our shared space through the framework of childhood games and the freedom of innocence. My work transforms spaces temporarily, leaving a token of my presence and hopefully surprising and affecting those who encounter it.

In my art practice I use humour and play as the avenues through which I channel my interest in (and passion for) sculpture, sound, installation, invention and performance. I feel that it is important to bring a youthful energy and spirit to my projects, and I love when an audience is able to approach the work with the same enthusiasm.

My art comes to life when an audience interacts and physically engages with it, so I strive to create inventions and objects which will not only express my vision, but also appeal to people, catch their eye, inspire and delight them.